16 November 2011

unhappy day *.*

Why I wan unhappy. Yaww, maybe because today I'm going to go back to my sch. Rawr. Pukul 5 karang, gerak rumah Zaqia, kita sama-sama berserah pada takdirnya. Hee :')


Ahha. Semalam , Zaqia datang rumah. She's cooked for me. Meoow. Haha. Even it was just a soup, but seriously, it was a good effort from her.

One day, I'll be a chef and cooked for everyone that I love. 

 See? bersungguh dia masak. Haha :')

Okay, I'm getting fatter and fatter. Tak dapat nak imagine how I'm going to be cuti bulan 12 ni? God. Dear myself, please don't gain any weight on please.Blurr -..- Okay, ciaow.

BTW, Selamat mengambil RM100 yea kawan-kawan. //Muka bahagia masing-masing terutamanya Nady esok//

Macok, MAT LUTHFI, MAT LUTHFI, MAT LUTHFI. lalalalala. *buat malu jek kalau dia (Mat Luthfi) baca.* Don't worry, man. We were just kidding :')


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