15 November 2011

two words for three

Maybe. Hehehe. Jangan risau guys pasal RM100 tu. Kita pasti akan dapat! Ceyt, bajet macam mission penting jek. Haha. RM100 woo. Siapa taknak?

Okay. Two words for three people. What. Who. Why. 

Okay, till then. I know, we are in our teenagers life. It's still not mature enough. I know. Still not mature. Okay, along with this non-matured thinking, we will through soo many challenges, so many resistance. Yes. We must always ever stay strong. It was MUST. We are a teenagers in 2011. Not 1980. Adults may not understand us now, but still they are our parents. An adults. Respect them as you respect yourself. They maybe didn't understand of what puppy love to us now. We just want to be loved and love someone. Yes, I know. But, I also realise now. It was funny. It was a waste. Waste of time. Waste of feelings. Waste of money. But, it's still okay if we want to get along with it. Just, please. Remind yourself and I'll always reminding myself for not too over with. I'm scared of Allah. I love Him more than I love him that I loved in the world. Maybe, I hope one day, I'll be like that. Amin. Please, pray for me.

Okay, Nana. It is you. Look at this. -->

Think about it. Please, think wisely. Kalau memang dah tak ada feel, talk to him slowly. politely. He's also a human. Maybe he's a man. He didn't cry for this but he learnt from this in the future. Don't make him hating you just what it's been done by 'him' to me. Our friends and I always respect your decision. It's your choice. It's your life. Come on. Tak mati pun tanpa dia. But, I know, tak bermakna kau tak sedih jugak kot. Paling tak pun, a word 'break off' walaumacam mana sekalipun. It's hurt. Even just a little. Stay strong.

Heart is too important to be taken seriously. Take a good care of it. Even it's not yours.

Second person. Faridatul Aini.

Congratulation to you. Throw all those tettt memories away.. Fuhhh. *bunyi tiup* Just simple as that. Apa teacher Suriati cakap, "As simple as ABC." Hihihi. I know you'll be strong.  Just two words. Stay strong.

Third person will be me.

All this silence can kill me. But stay. Please, stay strong, heart. I am making mistakes. But, i am sorry. Just, you never listen to me. That's okay. Past is past. Maybe, there's a reason you're just not in my future. Just, maybe.

Two words is enough, girls. We're just don't need to do else.

Just, stay strong. 

Yes. Allah is enough.


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