31 July 2011

Face the fact

Okay, face the fact FARRA. 

"Adik kau dah makin tinggi lah"

"Adik kau muka mature"

Okay, adik aku dah besar.

Okay, ni tiga tahun yang lepas. macam apa dah muka dia -.-''

Now, this other picture is taken last year. -->

 She's in green

She's not too fair, She's not too kind, She's jerk sometimes, She's like babymamaiwanttokickyou sometimes, She's not like other sister that will always obey her elder, She was very energatic, she was very hyper in everything she do, she was very corny, she was very 'cengeng' , she loves to eat, her teeth is not pretty, she always make me angry, she always kick me when we sleep together, she loves chocolate, she love sweet things, she loves to 'berangan' all the time, she really don't good at anything about fashion. BUT, she is my lovely sister, who was there when i sad. 

Thank you, sis. You're the best.

And yeah, dia dah besar sekarang. She had her own life. She had her own style. Face the fact, Farra. She's now, Fatin Aziz too.


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