18 March 2012


Assalamualaikum and very good evening to all. Yeah, today is Sunday and I've to go back to hostel. So, along this hols, saya tak buat apa pun kecuali twitter-ing, skype-ing , oovoo-ing, stalk-ing and listen-ing to music. YEAH. That's me. I've been so good and relax this hols. Maybe, my last hols before my PMR. What a sad life.

So, untuk menjadikan satu post yang lengkap. Sini ada list list lagu yang menjadi kegilaan saya sepanjang cuti.Do listen and enjoy it :*

Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen

Give your heart a break - Demi Lovato

Kosong - Najwa Latif

One Thing - One Direction

Chicaro - Caprice *Thanks to Syakiraa :* - AMPANG GIRLS ARE SOO BAHAYA~


Ohh, BTW. saya dapat kawan baru ^^ Nama dia. --> PENGU.

CC : Syeera comel. Kbai. HAHAHAHA.

15 March 2012


Assalamualaikum and a very good evening to alls. What happening in ma life? I didn't post something new recently. But, seriously I miss to post something that will make others smile and not making fun of it.

Okay, seminggu cuti buat semua pelajar sekolah rasa nak meloncat cakap "Im free!!!" daripada sekolah, cikgu and those perhimpunan yang memang melecehkan. Seriously. MELECEHKAN.

Sarah with her works.

okay, tak banyak fambar yang dapat dimasukkan and. It's all about study.

That's it for now. Otak blank tak tahu nak update apa. Thanks yoow. :)

03 March 2012


// Hari ini saya nak try cakap omputih sebab markah english saya C. Harap maklum dan tolong jangan rasa annoyed dengan post ini. Saya masih dalam proses pembelajaran.

Assalamualaikum and a very pleasant Sunday for allz. Maybe, Sunday is the worst day ever for everyone who will be back to the hostel, but nevamind. I still in my good mood to tweet, eat and do somethin that I miss to do.

Ughh, hostel was just really drive me mad. Oh man, with all the excos, meetings, exams and those nonsense activities. *Okay, boleh buat muka setiap hari sebab malas nak menghadap.*  School is awesome, but sometimes. things in school make us really feel like deeeeeyyym. Yknow. -,-

Ohh ya. Talk about school, I've done somethin nonsense. Mr. Pocket is now unavailable anymore. He's someone. Okay, fine. A step too late. Nevamind, there's something in Allah's plan for me, I know.

For my Penilaian Kurikulum 1, it's going smoothly but I know my results would be bad. Ahh, Redha will do. I've read, I've my effort there, then if I stiil didn't get all A's, then it is just not my luck. One day, maybe.

Someone said to me,

"You need that Self Confidence if you want to chat with the guy that you like. If you're confident with yourself, and you're okay with it, then you should go for it."

Then, I was just like,

"But, I was fat, ugly, black and bla bla bla. Probably he doesn't like me at all. *tunduk*"

And she replied it with,

"Ignore the cruel jibes and stick with the nice people."  

And I was like. Aww, thanks dude. Even, I have nobody that I like for being together now, but I still need that all sort of confidence in myself. Someday, I will have someone too. One day.

And for all my friends, sorry for my words. I;m SO SORRY.

Ahha! For your all information, am now in ODP (On Diet Project) with Khairina ZD (BO). I've made hashtags that is just for fun for both of us at Twitter --> #TeamODP. Please, pray for us. :D

Till then, Assalamualaikum.

// Okay, English teruk tapi puas sebab dapat berangan speaking bagus. :D